Big Data. Fast Data. Any Data.
Big Data.
Fast Data.
Any Data.

Turn your data into insights. Quickly.
Solutions for IoT, Web & Mobile

What We Do

We provide you the fastest way to turn your data into dashboards with custom insights unique to your business

Build smarter processes with data

Improve your internal work flow.
Identify business opportunities with data analysis.
Target customers better using data.

Differentiate your offering with analytics

Embed analytics into your customer facing applications.
Deploy advanced analytics to provide added value to your customers.

Focus on your core product

Focus on developing a brilliant product.
Leave the analytics, back-end and maintenance to us

Who can use Joojip

Web and Mobile


IoT Applications

Automotive & Insurance
Transportation & Logistics
Healthcare & Wellness

E-commerce & Retail

Consumer Insights
Content personalization
Logistics & Supply chain

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