We understand that every business has unique needs in terms of both the metrics they track and the source from where the data comes from. Yours is probably no different.

The Joojip Real-time Analytics Platform allows us to build an Analytics solution that is customized to exactly your needs in a matter of a few days to weeks.

We can pick up and combine data from multiple sources including SQL, XLS, Google spreadsheets, real-time location data, streaming data from mobile apps, web apps, sensors etc..

Pretty much any data, streaming or static, structured or unstructured.

Platform Customization

We love to have those essential conversations where we get to know each other and define exactly what you need to succeed in your analytics project. We listen, consult and then tailor analytic solutions for your business needs.

One of the first steps towards this is to identify the questions you need answers for.

We Leverage our Powerful Joojip Real-time Analytics Platform and our World-class Professional Services Team to create Bespoke Analytics solutions customized to your needs.

Platform Customization typically includes one or more of the following:

Managed Analytics as a Service

We abstract away the details of the analytics infrastructure, host it for you and manage it. All the gory details about the database and server-side software are hidden under the hood. You don't need systems to be built or people to be hired. Its quick to get up and running.

Managed Service typically includes one or more of the following:


We will work with you to identify the questions you need answers for. Then work backwards to determine the strategy. This will help us identify what data you need, how you will gather them etc.